Riviera Pain Center - a multidisciplinary approach focused on the quality of life of patients

Our team:

  • Dr Jacques Favre , Prof. OHSU Associate, Specialist in Neurosurgery,
    Pain specialist SSIPM, head of the center

  • Dr Salvatore Morrone , Anesthesia Specialist, SSIPM Pain Specialist

  • Dr Christopher M. Pfaff , Specialist in Psychiatry

  • Dr Edmund H Frank , Prof. OHSU, Specialist in Neurosurgery, scientific consultant

  • Dr Jean Blanchard , Specialist in Anesthesia

  • Dr Dan Georgescu , Specialist in Anesthesia

  • Drs Michèle Pradervand , Specialist in Anesthesia

  • Mr. Timothy Spina , nurse-anesthetist

  • Ms. Nicole Favre , nurse

  • Valentina , medical assistant

  • Sara , medical assistant

  • Carole , medical assistant

  • Caroline , medical assistant

  • Sylvie , medical assistant

  • Dr Roger-François Stucki , consultant in Rheumatology

  • Mr. Florian Hässig , Physiotherapy consultant

  • Rémy , exhibition manager

Nicole Favre, infirmière
Rémy, responsable expositions
Dr Dan Georgescu, anesthésiste

Our premises for patients:

  • A welcoming reception

  • A spacious waiting room

  • A treatment room

  • A digitalized conventional radiology room

  • Several consultation rooms

  • A level 1 operating theater

  • A recovery room with 2 workstations

  • A toilet and a toilet for the disabled
Entrée et réception du Centre de la Douleur Riviera
Microscope ancien

The Riviera Pain Center would like to thank its former collaborators for their dedication to patients and their contribution to the centre's influence.

Anne-Claude et Carole
Prof. Edoardo Bisio, anesthésiste
Drs Vera Sattelmeyer, neurochirurgienne
Pierre Meurice, ostéopathe
Timothy Spina, infirmier-anesthésiste