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Vertebroplasties involve injecting cement into fractured vertebrae. The goal is twofold: mechanical (to prevent the progressive sinking of the vertebra) and analgesic (reduce pain).

This technique is not valid for all types of fractures and must therefore be chosen and performed by an operator perfectly mastering its indications and its alternatives (conservative and invasive such as spondylodesis).

In order to facilitate the positioning of the trasnpedicular cannulas, it is possible to use a neuronavigation system.
In all cases, the cement injection is done under fluoroscopic control.
vertébroplastie avec fluoronavigation

A vertebroplasty involves injecting cement into the body of the vertebra.

The goal is twofold: mechanical and analgesic. If the fracture is reduced, for example, using a balloon, this is called kyphoplasty.

The cement is injected through large cannulas which pass through the pedicles. A vertebroplasty is shown on this lateral x-ray.

Radiographie de profil: vertébroplastie
Radiographie de face: vertébroplastie
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