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Yellow ligament cyst
Yellow ligament cysts are also called tenosynovial cysts. They originate from the facet joint and are quite common in the lumbar region. When these cysts grow inside the spinal canal, they will compress the nerve root like a hernia (but on the posterior side of the nerve). Several treatment options are available:


  • Conservative : These cysts are perfectly benign and in the absence of symptoms related to nerve compression, no treatment is required.

  • Infiltrations : These cysts often still communicate partially with the interfacet space and an intra-articular facet infiltration sometimes allows the cyst to empty more in the joint thus reducing the pressure it exerts on the nerve root. In some cases, direct puncture of the cyst is possible with results, however, similar to facet infiltration.

  • Operation : Unfortunately, infiltrations often fail with yellow ligament cysts, especially since they tend to calcify over time. In this case, microsurgical removal is required.

CT-scan et radiculographie pour kyste du ligament jaune
Kyste du ligament jaune: anatomie au CT-scan d'un kyste du ligament jaune
Bloc facettaire pour kyste du ligament jaune
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