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Radioscopie Siemens Cios Fusion
Siemens Cios Fusion :


  • Mobile plane fluoroscopy

  • Sensor resolution 1536 x 1536

  • Sensor size 30 x 30 cm

  • Accuracy: 0.2 mm

  • Excellent image quality with low irradiation dose

  • Multiple touchscreen control screens:

    • Main panel on the workstation

    • Secondary panel on the C-arch

    • Mobile surgeon panel

Radioscopie Siemens Cios Fusion - Panneau de commande chirurgien
Radioscopie Siemens Cios Fusion - Panneau de commande secondaire
Générateur radiofréquence Elekta
Radiofrequency generator:


  • Elekta device

  • Radionics device

These devices make it possible to stimulate or make lesions by radiofrequencies according to different temperature-controlled modes (constant current, constant voltage, pulsed, ...). The Radionics device also allows the measurement of local impedance.

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